Thursday, September 8, 2011

I pray for the best

hey hey dosa tak kalo kite doakan keburukan untuk orang lain ?
mesti lah berdosa kan ?
tapi boleh tak kalo kite cakap je mnde tu tapi bukan doa pon .
*wink wink ( angkat kening )

tade lah just rase macam dunia nie unfair jela.
pernah tak korang rase macam biarlah kena memory lost rather than facing the world nie ?
I Do.

kenape ?

sebab saye rase macam tak nak face dah dunia nie .
i've met a lot of people and they had left sumting in my mind.
some of them affect my life.

to see them heppy whereas i'm just sitting here with nothing, i feel like i'm a LOSER .

why can't i be part of them.
they came into my life and left sumting to be remembered of.
i wish i can like them.
i come into your life and leave out sumting. Terrific !
* but i was only a dreamer . It feels like hell .

Only if the world has been fair towards me .
I would be just fine . Live the life happily like others .
but seeing other people happiness is like killing myself slowly using a very blunt knife.
It's killing me . Honestly .
but the only thing that I can do is praying for others happiness with the hope that I can get one .

Ameen !

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