Thursday, July 7, 2011

Never Say No To LOVE

halloo halloo hallooooooo
wahhh dah lame x tekan2 keyboard tunjuk skill typing ..
okay enough with it and let's move on to the topic ..
hurmm korang penah dgr x a phrase saying ;
* the 1st will be the last
sure korang penah dgr laa enn if x konpem korang tipu ..
baek korang ngaku cepattt .. dosa ooo tipu2 nie .. hohoho
if korang tnye saye my answer sounds like this ;
* the 1st will only remain as 1st , not the last

wanna know why ?
sebab we are in the real world laa ..
there is no such thing dat the 1st will be the last ..
people changed ..
i've gone thru the situation where the promises will only remain as promises ..
alaa ..
we did make a lot of promises but in the end we are the who betray them ..
tp saye salute gilerrr arr sesape yg cuma ade 1 love je spnjg hidup dye ..
i mean those yg kapel for the 1st time and end up kawin ..
saye salute gilerrr arr korang ..
kalo dulu saye pon nak camtu gak but it's fate ..
kiter x leh halang our fate rite ?
okay2 saye dah lari topic plakk ..
ermm if org tnye saye enn is there any chance to the 2nd love ?
i would say yes but i just dont know when ..
let the time decides everything ..
to me xperlu laa nak cakap 1st will be the last ..
dusta ar semua ..
kalo lahh camtu enn sampai biler2 laa x kawin ..
am i rite ?
so i think it's better for korang semua to change the thought ..
let's give a 2nd , 3rd or even 100th chance to fill ur heart will the feeling of being in love ..
trust me

* being single is awesome but being in love is priceless

we just cant buy the feeling of being in love ..

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